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Debra’s extensive experience as a creative entrepreneur with a history in marketing, fashion & design for both commercial & residential properties helps inform her role as curating beautiful spaces with meaning for her design company, Debra Baum Design. As the founder of Chicago’s Urbane Invitations, Urbane Weddings and UrbaneFlea, she built a business based on impeccable service and timeless and eclectic style — which led to a side project rehabbing vintage Chicago buildings with her husband, Robert; and eventually designing and curating spaces and oversight of operations for boutique hotel brands in Chicago and Nashville.

Today Debra has taken her many years of experience and passion for design and has created Debra Baum Design. By collaborating with her clients, the most important part of her design objective is to make spaces feel “unstaged” and personal. She believes that your home reflects you, your family, and your life’s passions and interests. By getting to know her clients and discovering what excites them, she can determine what is most important to them. Debra creates intrinsic spaces that encompass her clients from the moment you enter their space.

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